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Having difficulty finding a local vendor for materials and parts, or just don't have the time and patience to wade through the Digikey, Jameco, or McMaster websites? We have you covered!

Things For Sale

Take advantage of our introductory prices!

Fabfi City-Scale Kits come with high-performance devices having three dual-band radios per node. In ideal conditions, nodes will provide more than 50Mbps goodput when using 20Mhz channels. The kit can be purchased as an electronics-only developer version, or with a complete set of antennas.

Complete Outdoor Kit:

  • Ubiquiti RouterStation
  • Three Mikrotik R52Hn radios
  • 24V, 1A passive POE injector
  • Two 3' network cables
  • USB flash drive with instructions
  • Four 2.4Ghz, 8dbi omni antennas with mounting hardware
  • Four 18" MMCX to N-Male pigtails
  • Outdoor enclosure with integrated Dual-Polarity 5Ghz, 18dbi patch antenna

Developer Kit option comes with ONLY the items in the blue box in the image above. It does NOT come with any antennas or an enclosure.

Choose Option

Fabfi Budget Kits provide easy entry into building fabfi networks. The budget system provides roughly half the client throughput of the city-scale system and does not have a dedicated radio for 2.4Ghz meshing. Every network requires at least one headnode, and zero or more common nodes.

Budget Headnode Kit:

  • Linksys WRT160NL with power supply
  • Ubiquiti NanoStationM5-Loco
  • 24V, .8A passive POE injector
  • Three 3' network cables
  • USB flash drive with instructions
Price: $180.00

Budget Common Node Kit:

  • Ubiquiti PicoStationM2-HP
  • Ubiquiti NanoStationM5-Loco
  • Two 24V, .8A passive POE injector
  • Two 3' network cables
Price: $180.00

NOTE: International shipping to some countries may require additional time and/or incur additional costs. If you're not in the US email store [at] fabfolk [dot] com

The Fab Folk will soon offer more one-button ordering for common projects and consumables. Here's some stuff coming soon:

KITS: "Hello World" electronics with and without a complete set of tools

SUPPLIES: We'll have things like blank PCB boards available for purchase in small quantities and for just a few cents.

PROJECTS: Pre-cut pieces or blanks for FabFi reflectors and routers, Jonathan Ward's DIY mini-mill, and anything else we can think of.

MANAGERS PACKAGES: convenient lab managers' electronics bin refill packages

Right now we're making up the kits and figuring out prices and billing. (Wanna help?)

Is there a kit you'd really like us to put together? Or have you invented something that you'd like to sell on this site? Email us: store@fabfolk.com

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